Gipsy CasualGipsy Casual means eccentric gipsy-balkan accords. The band was born at the end of 2010.

Gipsy Casual represent the exotic gipsy-balkan accords of the musical landscapes of our days. They are fresh, authentic and very talented. The band maintains the traditional gypsy rhythm, but they are refreshing it with electronic tones and electrifying club beats. The band has only passionate artists, who love to make music.

Gipsy Casual transmits optimism and a very positive energy with their contagious rhythm. On the other hand, the band conveys the music of the generation of yesterday, brought to the present and adapted to today’s generation. And, most importantly, gipsy beats are created for making you dance all the time.

In July 2011, Gipsy Casual releases the debut album “Balans Prala,” whose video adds hundreds of thousands of views to YouTube over the first few weeks of its release. An important moment in Gipsy Casual career was the opening of the 2011 Romanian Music Awards “Romanian Music Awards” in Brasov with gipsy-Balkan beats, a new choreographic performance, instruments and live voices that won the public’s sympathy at the event.

In less than a year, the uniqueness of their musical style, sometimes controversial, brought them a lot of fans from Romania but also from abroad.

On May 10, 2012, the second debut single “Shukar Sex” is released, both in Romanian and English, and is entirely an original composition. Also this year, Gipsy Casual released the single “Kan Marau La”, an electrifying single that brings a lot of energy.

In 2013, Gipsy Casual released the song “Bate Toba Mare”, the fourth single and also the first one in the Romanian language so far. Immediately after the release of the single “Bate Toba Mare”, the song held the top positions in the music charts from Turkey. The song „Bate toba mare” was number 1 for a year on Turkey’s radios.

After several months of touring through Europe, Gipsy Casual is also launching a new track called “Sweet love” in the same year, and the video was filmed in Kemer, Antalya, Turkey. In August 2015, Gipsy Casual performed with Starchild the song “Let Me Go”.

On November 23, 2015, Gipsy Casual launches the single “Khelushka”, the song that won the second place in top Ten Turkey for a few weeks. Single “Khelushka“ has recorded nearly 24,000,000 views on Youtube in less than a year, according to YouTube statistics and over 625,000 plays on the Spotify streaming service.

After conquering Turkey with “Bate Toba Mare”, “Khelushka” and “Sweet Love”, Gipsy Casual is seriously considering impressing the Arabs. The new single “Yalla Ya Habibi” has also been created, making the record of 4 million views on Youtube and over 100,000 plays on Spotify.

In March 2017, Gipsy Casual releases the video “Get Low,” which has climbed into the playlist of all radios and in the top Shazam Turkey and Spotify with 260,000 plays.

Two months after the release of the song “Get Low” in collaboration with LLP and Sonny Flame, Gipsy Casual comes with the new Nah Nah, the 49th place in Shazam Turkey.

In Mai 2018, Gipsy Casual releases the video “Shake The Bull”, produced by Magic Juice.

In June 2019, Gipsy Casual releases the lyric video “So Keres”.

After more than two years from the release of the song “So Keres”, Gipsy Casual return with an exceptional collaboration with Merve Yalcin, for the single “Romale”. Featuring lyrics in the Romani language, Romanian and Turkish, the track is a contemporary interpretation of traditional Romani music. “Romale” keeps you on your toes with every beat and you will just want to hear more.

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